A Touch of Class for Your Next Project, in English or en Español!

Sara has over 20 years of experience with clients like Time Warner, Ashley Furniture and McDonald’s just to name a few.

Sara works with broadcast, production, advertising, education and corporate clients to deliver
a wide range of executions from soft and silky, to sexy and sultry, high energy and girl-next-door. She is also an award-winning writer and broadcast producer, working seamlessly in both English and Spanish.

More About Sara

Brian Siver – Audio Director, Zimmerman Advertising

I've worked with Sara for over 18 years. That alone should tell you all you need to know! To survive that long writing, translating, and voicing is a huge accomplishment. How does she do it? Doing what’s right, doing it well, and doing it fast when needed. Having the ability to change on the fly, listening to direction and directing when little direction is given.

Emily Cardenas – Writer, Producer, Marketing Director

Besides her smooth, assuring, and commanding voice in both English and Spanish, the best part about hiring Sara Schermer is that she is an experienced marketing professional, which means she goes into the recording booth understanding your marketing strategy, goals and target audience. This is invaluable.

Sheila Duffy-Lehrman – COO , Tropic Survival Advertising & Marketing

Sara Schermer is certified bi-lingual production GOLD and the ultimate triple threat! Not only is she a consummate voice over actress who can perform both branding and promotional reads in neutral and regional Spanish/English, but she is a fully bi-literate copy writer who effortlessly creates copy in both languages.

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